The Package Free Shop and Tare Market.

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Minneapolis finally gets a package free shop!

A year ago, I visited New York City with a stellar group of Minneapolis-based sustainable fashion leaders to do some research on the latest in eco-fashion, mindful living and everything in between. 

One of my favorite stops we made was the Package Free Shop in Brooklyn. This shop is dedicated to providing package-free, zero-waste items that are better for people and planet.  

If you haven’t tried going plastic free yet, then you probably don’t realize that this is a really, really big deal and I might have been a little star-struck!

package free shop - Brooklyn

The store was started by Lauren Singer, who helped to popularize the zero waste movement and can fit ALL OF HER TRASH FROM THE PAST 5 YEARS INSIDE A 16OZ MASON JAR. — ALL. OF. IT. (GASP!)

Laura Singer and Brianna Harrington - Package Free Shop

Given the average Minnesotan produces roughly 1 ton of trash each year, that’s a stellar accomplishment. So you can imagine my excitement when I actually got to meet Lauren! As expected, she was lovely. She also taught me how to change the blade in a straight-edge razor. (A plastic-free shaving option that I’ve actually had to abandon, but more on that another time.)

I also got to enjoy a beer from Toast, a company that makes beer from stale bread (it’s delicious!), and pick up one of my favorite t-shirts from Mate, and got my favorite cleaning spray bottle with recipes printed on the outside.

A year later, I got the best news ever!

We have our very own package free shop in minnesota - Tare Market.

Tare Market Owners - KATE MARNACH, AMBER HAUKEDAHL, Bri Harrington - Seek United

Tare Market was started by fellow zero-waste advocates Amber Haukedahl of @zerowastemn and Kate Marnach of @Zeroish.

They provide eco-friendly products, cool workshops, and a haven for newbies and veterans of the zero-waste challenge. It’s also within walking distance of the blue line, so its easily accessible by public transit. 

They have all sorts of amazing items in their shop.

Not only can you get all sorts of food, spices and tea products package free, but you can buy laundry detergent, Elate makeup , dog treats, dryer balls, keep cups, metal lunch tins, and even a natural cork yoga mats. An Item I’ve been drooling over for at least a year.

If you’ve never shopped package free before then this is the perfect spot to try it out.

You can bring your own clean containers or buy/borrow one of theirs. They’re so kind about answering questions and helping you make changes little by little, or all at once — whatever works best for you.

Tare Market - Minneapolis

my favorite thing about shopping at Tare Market is the the zero-waste items you’re switching to, don’t come wrapped in single-use plastic!

zero waste shopping, mpls
package free store minneapolis

The best part? I don’t have to travel all the way to NYC to find a package free shop! :) Oh, and in case you wondered how they got the name, a tare weight is the name given to the weight of the container you use when buying in bulk.

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