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We provide corporate wellness workshops to empower you (and your team!) to shift keystone habits and implement personal stress resiliency tools that positively impact your health, happiness, and productivity. We also offer executive wellness cohorts and online mindful living classes.

Seek United Founder, Brianna Harrington.

Seek United Founder, Brianna Harrington.


Why health and wellness matters.


Stress among American workers is at an all-time high — and it isn’t going away soon. Without the proper stress resiliency tools, long-term stress can easily lead to burnout, depression, and a slew of lifestyle diseases.

Burnout in the workplace

what you can do.

Self-care isn’t selfish. workplace wellness isn’t fluffy.

Life’s stressors won’t disappear, but how you carry your stress can change. When you make simple shifts in keystone habits — like creating self-care rituals and implementing a daily mindfulness practice — you can profoundly impact your reaction to stress and become more resilient. When you’re happy and healthy you’re more productive, strategic, creative and collaborative. Helping you thrive in all areas of life.

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