30 Days. Zero waste.

zero food waste challenge. 

Create zero food-waste for 30 days. 

you may have tossed $1500 last year. 

Annually, American families of four throw away $1500+ worth of food. See how much $$$ You could have Saved.

That's the equivalent to each family member throwing away a Gorilla's weight in food. 

(Gorillas weigh 300+ pounds.)


That's also like tossing:

a fun weekend getaway, a new iphone (+Plus all the new accessories), or part of your a house payment.

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Food Waste Stinks.


How you can help.

step 1

know what you waste.

conduct a food waste audit.

Start the zero-food waste challenge by cleaning your fridge and cupboards. Take note of what needs to be used up immediately and what ends up needing to be composted. 

step 2

shop with a list.

buy groceries for specific meals.

 Make meals using the items you already have. Buy additional ingredients from the bulk section so you can purchase exactly how much you need.


step 3

store it better.

know the best way to store items.

Learn how to organize your fridge and cupboards to optimize food's shelf life. Know the difference between 'best by' and 'sell by' dates.

step 4

freeze and compost.

extend lifespan of your food.

Learn how to freeze items for later use. See if your city picks up organics.  Or where organics can be dropped off.  Build a compost bin in your backyard.  Remember! Use BPI safe bags.