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Meera jain

Meera is a mom to two young girls in Toronto, Ontario. She has been married to her husband, Mark, for almost a decade even though she’s really not that old. Since childhood, Meera has been passionate about saving the world. She went on to become a teacher to pass on that fire to elementary kids! Meera’s other interests include cooking vegetarian food for her family, forcing her husband to exercise with her, and blogging on Instagram. She strongly believes in the wise words of Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”!

Find her on Instagram @thegreenmum

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Amanda Schwartz

Amanda Schwartz is a Qualified Neutral under Minnesota Rule 114 and a regular collaborator with the Conflict Resolution Center of Minneapolis and Community Mediation Minnesota. She holds a BA in International Studies with a focus on global security and worked several years overseas before moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota where she now resides with her husband and cats. Amanda is self-described as a lifelong learner with a passion for work that is educational, purposeful and builds community.

amanda Leaveck

Natastha Brownlee


Natasha Brownlee is a freelance writer and international development consultant based in St. Paul, Minnesota. Years of traveling and living abroad have made her happy to live with less, and she hopes to inspire and enable others to take steps to live more mindfully and sustainably for a better life and a better world. Her own Seek United goals? Spend more time cooking vegetarian meals for her friends, practicing yoga, reading feminist theory and taking her dog on long walks. 

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Amanda Leaveck

Amanda Leaveck is a professional yoga teacher, certified Rolfer, show producer, dancer, and wellness advocate for artists.  She graduated from the University of Saint Thomas in 2010 with a B.S. in neuroscience and a minor in dance.  Upon graduating, she founded nonprofit arts organization Face Forward and created dance group Energy Dance Collective.  Through her experience as a college student and her tendency towards a busy schedule, Amanda has learned firsthand the importance of weaving healthy practices into daily routine.  She is an impassioned advocate for anything that nurtures health, wellness, and vitality in every day life.