Plants only. 30 days.

PLANT-BASED challenge.


switch to a plants-only diet for 30 days. 

plant based diets


Eating meat can be very tasty, but eating a more plant-based diet is better for your health and the environment. 

While most of us like to believe we eat health(ish) meals, most American meals are still aligned to the traditional food guide pyramid, which includes 4-6 servings of dairy, eggs, meat, or poultry a day. Research shows that eating animal products - especially meat and eggs - is a lot less healthy for us (and our environment!) than we'd like to think. And it turns out we can get enough protein, calcium, calories, and often even save money by eating a plant-based diet.


eat Healthier. 

eat healthier with a. plant based diet

Live Longer.

live longer with a plant based diet

Protect the Planet.

plant based diets help the planet

Plant-Based Meals You'll Love.


Nostalgia is strong. Making the switch from meat-based meals takes effort. While I still love a lot of the meals I grew up eating, I'm happy to make the switch to a plant-based diet because I know that I have a choice in my longevity, and my quality of life.

 If you're not ready to go all in, I suggest you try Meatless Mondays.

If you're ready to make the change, use a resource like Forks over Knives - Plant-Based Primer: The Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Plant-Based Diet to help you prep your menu.

Many people find it helpful to clear out their cupboards of the foods that will make sticking to your new plan harder, and I recommend you give your new diet at least a month!