Favorite Outdoor Activity: Rock Climbing. Bouldering and lead climbing. 

Initial Reaction: Yeah, why not? I think I do this already....Wait, does this include grungies? No? ok I can do that. Wait! does it include gym clothing? No? ok I'm in. 

Reaction at 10 days in: This is harder than I thought. 

Honestly, in the summer, I pretty much just throw on a pair of shorts and grab whatever shirt is clean out of my closet. So actually thinking about if something is part of my 15 has made me more aware of what I'm wearing and has been a bit of a challenge.

example: I went to the grocery store in my 1 dress and grabbed a sweater that was lying around to make sure I didn't get cold,(b/c groceries stores are soooo cold) and I got there are realized it wasn't part of my 15. ( I wore it anyways). So things I would normally do mindlessly have become more mindful. I've also found myself wanting to shop more. But I think it's kind of like when you decide to go off sweets for awhile and then the first two weeks all you can think about is chocolate.