Favorite Outdoor Activity:


Initial Reaction:

Not sure what to include or that my clothing style is actually minimalist.


My color pallet really worked well together. I was surprised by how many combinations I could create, that I initially wouldn’t consider. This probably isn't something that I would want to continue for the long-term, but it was interesting to see how it could be done and made me really appreciate the higher-quality pieces that I had spent a little bit more on. 

As a teacher, it's helpful to see all the different combinations and be able to stretch my wardrobe options. Honestly though, the kids I teach are so observant they would totally notice and definitely comment if I wore the same items so frequently.

That being said, it's a helpful exercise to see what pieces you really love and understand what specific items you might need to add to increase your wardrobe options. I also found a few pieces that I had forgotten I owned!