Favorite Outdoor Activity:

I have to choose one? How about three? Kayaking, Hiking, Fly-fishing.

Initial Reaction:

Is this possible? Can you happily wear only 15 items for 30 days? Will everyone notice?

Post Reaction:


It is so much easier to get dressed in the morning! Everything in my closet fits me well, I like it all (so they're no digging or trying to things on to see if they fit), and everything goes with everything else. In particular, I think this type of wardrobe is perfect if you're really busy and have other things that you would rather focus your time on. Or if you're just looking to simplify your life. 

I also really liked having all of my clothing options in one place so I didn't have to think about what was in the other closet, what was in my dresser, or what was in the wash. With 15 pieces, you know where everything is.

I love the limited options. I feel like I've gotten more compliments on what I'm wearing than I usually do because I'm a little bit more dressed up. I love that I'm wearing my accessories a lot more than I used too, because they remind me of the cool places and artists I purchased them from.

I relied heavily on my silk, black, long-sleeve shirt and red, silk sleeveless shirt. I think because they always look nice and breath really well.


The biggest misconception I think people have when I share about the challenge is that I'm going to only have 15 items of clothing for the rest of the year. Most people are not even wearing 1/2 of the clothes they currently own. The point is to really to take the time to think through your wardrobe, what your style is, and become more mindful about the items you need to purchase in the future. There have been a couple of evenings where I wanted to be a little bit more causal ( bonfire!) because I didn't want my 'good' clothes to smell like smoke. I should have included a pair of shorts or another pair of jeans in my fall/winter option because with biking everywhere I've been needing to wash my jeans a little more frequently than usual. 

When you understand the incredible amount of time (women in particular) spend on shopping, washing, ironing, and getting ready - it's crazy. I would much rather spend my time kayaking, hanging out with friends, or making great food! When you add in the environmental and social cost of fast-fashion it's crazy to think that we are continuing habits that are so destructive.

Most unexpectedly, after I completed the challenge I moved the rest of my clothing back into my closet and the whole next week I was overwhelmed by the choices. I ended up donating a bunch of things and essentially creating another micro-wardrobe that included a few more pieces -- like those shorts!