Why Take the 15x30 Micro-Wardrobe Challenge?


The goal of this project is to share the more of less. We want to help illustrate how we can spend more time pursuing the things that truly make us happy by simplifying our lives.

Starting with our closets. 

What we decide to wear is one of the first decisions we make in the morning. It’s an expression of who we are and how we want the world to see us. The issue is that with our busy lives many of us have rarely taken the time to create a flexible wardrobe that aligns with our values and passions.

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world.

As a whole, we are consuming 400% more clothing than we did even 20 years ago. Yet, we often feel like we never have anything to wear. Women in the USA add an average of over 64 items of clothing to their closet each year and spend over a 150 hours each year shopping or browsing. However, these items often get worn just 7 times before they are discarded.


The UCLA study found managing the volume of their possessions is so severe that it elevates stress hormone levels for many mothers.’ (Forbes, 2015)

‘In addition, the National Association of Professional Organizers survey found that 54% of Americans are overwhelmed by their clutter and 78 percent find it too complicated to deal with.' Fast-fashion is taking it’s toll on our time, our money, our mental clarity, and our environment. But what if we choose a different way? What if we decided to create a well-functioning wardrobe that made it easier to spend more time on the things we love?

That’s what the 15x30 Challenge is all about!

Micro-wardrobes help to reduce the environmental impact of fast-fashion. They also reduce the stress and anxiety created by hyper-consumption by removing the clutter and the number of micro-decisions we have to make each morning.   

We have enormous power as consumers to demand better for ourselves, our planet, and the people who live in it. By reducing our dependence on fast-fashion and learning how to buy quality over quantity we not only make ourselves happier, but make our environment healthier too. 


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