Why Consume More Moments And Fewer Mementos.

The over consumption by a minority of the world's population is a real issue. Fast-fashion, and cheaply made disposable purchases are pushing our planetary boundaries to their limits and negatively affecting us all.

Yet, our economic systems are based on consumption. Shopping is not evil, but we can cast our vote for the world we want by choosing what we buy and how we live.

Currently, most homes in the west are overflowing with things that are rarely used, produced by people who are are living on the equivalent of two dollars a day, or less. This means the majority of the people in the world are unable to adequately earn a living wage or provide for their families basic needs, while we unconsciously consume and dispose of things without knowing how or where they were made.  

Meanwhile, instead of being happier with our increased choices, we in the west, are often overwhelmed by the number of micro-choices we have to make every day.

Research shows that by removing the excess clutter from our lives we're actually much happier, have more mental energy, and are better able to make good decisions on important matters. Decluttering our homes not only helps us live more stress-free, but gives us the mental space to be present with the people we love and avoid instant gratification choices like stress shopping, or eating unhealthy foods.  

As we pare down to the essentials, we start to care more about the quality of the item; where it's made and who made it, and at the impact it has on our environment. Instead of mindlessly consuming stuff, we choose to consume more moments. And that's what we're all about. Helping everyone live more satisfying lives. 

More moments, fewer mementos.