What is Slow October?


Slow October is a response to fast-fashion and a commitment to choose a more sustainable path when it comes to fashion. 

what is slow october

Slow October works to reduce the impact of fast-fashion by helping us:

  • Become more aware of our consumption habits

  • Reduce how much and how often we consume

  • Choose new pieces wisely

  • Keep those pieces in good repair and wear them for a loooong time

  • craft a wardrobe you love


It’s also a time to celebrate the many makers who sew, knit, or crochet their own clothing and practice visible mending. Slow October or Slow Fashion October was started by Karen Templer — self-proclaimed devout yarnophile and knitting enable, and the proprietor of Fringe Supply Co, a makers online paradise. 


Here are the top ten ways to participate in Slow October.


1. Learn More

If you haven’t watched or read anything about fast-fashion and the impact it makes on people and planet watch this, read this, and this

2. Mend Your Clothes.

Learn how to sew on a button, fix a ripped seam or hole, or darn those wool socks. You might even host a mending party, because let’s face it — it’s always more fun to mend with friends.

3. Get Rid of Stains — Not Your Clothes.

You can get out stubborn stains. Google your specific stain type and you’ll get tons of tips!

4. Create a Mood Board for Fall.

Magazines, Instagram, and Pinterest call all be used to help craft a mood, or look for fall. Check out slow October founder, Karen Templer’s tips for creating a mood board

5. Shop Your Closet.

Every time I’ve helped someone create a capsule wardrobe, they’ve inevitably unearthed an item they forgot they had. Shop your own closet to create new looks with old pieces.

sustainable fashion tips - Seek United

6. Host a Clothing & Book Swap.

Ask 5-10 friends (it works better if everyone wears roughly the same size) to bring in a few items of clothing they no longer wear, but are still in good repair. Let people swap and at the end of the night, ask your guest to take back any items they brought— may find new inspiration! I like to add in a book swap, because its fun, and if someone doesn’t find a clothing item they want, they might find a great read instead!

7. Shop at Second-Hand Stores.

There is already sooooo much clothing available. You can shop second-hand stores online, in-person, vintage. There’s even companies like, that will help you craft a wardrobe you love.

8. Ask Yourself These Questions Before You Buy Anything New.

Do I loooove it? Is it made of quality materials? Will I wear it 30+ times? Do I have something similar in my closet? Does it fit my lifestyle? Is it ethically made?

9. Buy Only Items You Absolutely Love.

Loved clothes last. You’ll take better care of them and make an effort to repair them, get stains out, and still want to wear them 5 years later. 

Learn how to kick-start your person style, here.

10. Wear Those Items 30+ times. 

If you wear a t-shirt twice month for a year, you’re only at 24. Make an effort to buy pieces that work with your existing wardrobe, add pieces slowly, thoughtfully AND THEN GO HAVE SOME FUN IN THEM!

Fast-Fashion Facts:

We consume 400% more clothing today, than we did 20 years ago. A whopping 80 billion pieces of clothing each year. 

The average American throws away more than 65 pounds of clothes each year - and that has a huge environmental impact. 

Over 60 million people are employed in the global clothing and footwear sector and most of them make less than half of what’s considered a “living wage” in their countries.