How to Rock Your Holiday Parties without Buying Something New


With fashion blogs and magazines sharing all of the hottest trends for the holiday season, are you feeling a little deja-vu? That’s because little has changed with holiday styles throughout the years: dark colors, bright reds, and sparkle-sparkle-sparkle. This is great news, because it means you probably already own things that you can reimagine, repurpose, and re-wear for all the on-trend looks this season! If you need some help turning a fresh eye on your closet in preparation for you holiday parties, check out our favorite timeless (aka: sustainable!) holiday style tips below. 

Go monochromatic

Many of us already wear mostly black every day, but the bonus of dressing in head-to-toe black during the holidays is that it will look classic and chic instead of basic or boring. If you’re not into black or this is too much like your daily uniform to work for a party, try another head-to-toe color. Jewel tones, greys and silvers, and winter whites (yes, even after Labor Day!) also work well for this stylish look. Wearing a variety of shades and textures will keep it from looking blah.  

Add something sparkly

Want to jazz up of that monochromatic outfit? The holidays are all about sparkle! Whether you want a little or a lot, you probably already own a little something shiny that will take your look up a notch for the evening. Layer multiple necklaces or wear one as a belt around your go-to LBD, give yourself a glitter manicure, or go full diva-mode in a sequin dress! Take a look around your home and see what catches your eye, then work it into multiple different outfits throughout the month. 


You may feel like you’ve gotten all of the mileage you can out of last year’s New Year’s dress, but I’ll bet you can find a friend who would look adorable in it! Start a group text right now with a bunch of lovely ladies and ask if anyone wants to swap old holiday dresses this year – bam, you’ve just quadrupled your options! Remember to return them after the party (freshly laundered, of course) with a little thank you treat. 

Get crafty

You don’t need to buy anything new, but we didn’t say you couldn’t make something new! With these easy DIY’s, you can turn something you no longer wear into a holiday statement piece: 1. Jazz up a pair of old black tights by adding polka dots with gold paint. 2. Turn a broken necklace into a runway-ready hair ornament by wearing it as a headband or pinning it into a messy updo for a subtle goddess-vibe. 3. Don’t buy a tacky-holiday sweater – make your own with ribbons and things you’ve already got laying around the house!

Change up your beauty routine 

Good news for us minimalists: with the right lipstick, no one will even be looking at your outfit. The holidays are one of the best times for experimenting with bold makeup trends and red-carpet-worthy hairstyles. So take that extra time you would have spent standing in front of your open closet and give yourself a mini-makeover! Dark lipsticks, shimmery eyes and nails, a glamorous blowout – choose just one or all four, and you’ll be rocking your next holiday party.


Written By Natasha Brownlee.