Declutter your mental and physical space.

More Moments, Less Stuff. 

Decluttering our mental and physical space gives us the capacity to be more present for the people (and events) that matter most. 

When our homes are cluttered, our minds are cluttered. When our minds are cluttered our homes are cluttered. Clarity (or chaos) in each space feeds the other. 

If you have a 100 things on your mind and everything is a priority, then that means nothing is a priority. If you have a 100 things stacked in your living room that need to be “attended to”, you now have a storage space instead of a place to live in.

When we create more mental space (through meditation) and physical space (by decluttering or simplifying) we free up our attention, our willpower, our creativity.

Clearing Physical Blocks

Making small changes in your daily life really do add up. When we remove the blocks that prevent us from living aligned to our values, like clutter from hyper-consumption, we literally have more physical space for the things that are most important to us.

Let’s say you want to cook more healthy meals at home in order to save money, spend time with family, and improve your health.

If you kitchen is flooded with duplicate pots, pans, food or spices you never use (or rarely use), sweets, and tons of processed foods, it can make it difficult to enjoy (let alone cook) those healthy meals at home.

So clear out the food items that don’t align to your healthy habits, get rid of duplicate dishes or appliances you never use, and clear off that kitchen table so you can actually use it. 

By keeping only the things you absolutely need in order to make the healthy dishes you love, you’ll find the whole process of cooking much more manageable. 

Clearing physical clutter, helps us clear mental clutter. The reverse is true as well.

Clearing Mental Blocks

Implement a gratitude practice helps us appreciate what we do have, making us less susceptible to advertisements telling us we need more, more, more. 

A daily meditation practice helps us become more aware (and mindful) of how we’re consuming our time, money, and energy. 

When we’re more tuned into our values we’re much more likely to consume accordingly.

By taking the time to clean mental and physical clutter, we make it easier to function at our best. And that’s when we have the capacity to make short (and long-term) decisions that will make us feel the happiest and healthiest.

Like spending time with friends and family, going on adventures, or simply finding the ability to appreciate the small pleasures in life.