9 Sustainably Made Gifts Your Gal Friends Will Love.


Sustainable Gifts for The amazing women in your life.

Experienced based gifts are a great way to spend time with the people you love, but being a mindful consumer doesn’t mean that you have to give up gift-giving all together. In fact, it will probably make you a more thoughtful gift-giver, especially if you focus on consumable gifts, instead of “stuff”.

Here are 9 gifts for the amazing women in your life.

cosmic coacao.jpg
  1. Really, really (but really!) good chocolate.

    You might try locally-made Cosmic Cacao, fill a mason jar of dark chocolate almonds, or order

tattersall gifts

fancy cocktail ingredients.

Plan a movie night and bring a fancy beverage to share!

Tattersall is local owned-and-operated distillery. They’ve won numerous awards for their delightful beverages, compost all their spent grain (and straws!), and have recently filled .

Cranberry Cosmo

Class up your Cosmopolitan cocktail with a little Cranberry Liqueur.

2 oz. 2 oz. Tattersall Vodka
½ oz. Tattersall Cranberry Liqueur
½ oz. Tattersall Orange Crema
½ oz. Lime Juice
¼ oz. Simple Syrup

Shake with ice, strain into a martini glass and serve up with a twist.


3. A good bar of delicious smelling soap.

Or anything else for that matter.

4. Candles from the foundry.

Or anything else for that matter.


the four agreements - Seek United

5. a Good book.

Or anything else for that matter.

elixery lipstick - Seek United

6. Elixir lipstick.

Or anything else for that matter.

Located in a vintage laboratory in the heart of Minneapolis, The Elixery® is an artisan cosmetic house dedicated to old-fashioned craftsmanship. We do Science from Scratch™.

Our model is simple, but rare: We formulate original products, develop our own colors, and compound products from scratch in our laboratory. This gives us an intimate understanding of our products that few modern companies can claim.

We believe in the simplicity of beauty, the elegance of science, and the dignity of all people. We believe in gender equity and critical thinking--and we believe that smart is sexy.

We search the world to source the finest ingredients to ensure our raw materials are safe, ethical, and free of animal testing.

Got a cosmetic science question or want to carry our products? 

sustainable gifts for women - Seek United

7. A cute ALOE VERA plant.

And a list of ways it can be used beyond sitting pretty on your bookshelf.

I love this list of 40 ways from HowStuffWorks.


8. cloth napkins.

9. gratitude poster & Notebook.

furoshiki wrap  - Seek United

Remember: You can Wrap your gifts with re-usable fabric too!