8 Alternatives to Black Friday Shopping.


Black Friday typically marks the official start to the major holiday buying season.

While some ‘door-buster’ deals might peak your interest, research shows that most of the deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday aren’t actually that much less than what you’d pay on any other day. So, instead of spending the day in a stressful, shopping frenzy, where you may (or may not) get a deal, buck the Black Friday tradition and spend your time doing something you actually enjoy.

Here are 8 alternative ways to spend the Friday after Thanksgiving, that don’t include shopping.



Made famous by the outdoor retailer REI, Opt-Outside is a growing movement to spend not only the day after Thanksgiving on an outdoor adventure, but to #optoutside on a regular basis. Staying true to their commitment, REI retailers close their stores and pay their employees to spend time outside. Go for a hike, a walk, a bike-ride. Go to a nearby park. Check out an outdoor sculpture garden. Rake your leaves. Put up your Christmas lights (hopefully, snow free!)

Here are a few more helpful ideas!  

Opt out of black friday

2. attend a class, workshop, or retreat.

Spend the day doing something you usually don’t have time for. Or try something entirely new. You might check-out a yoga nidra class, sign-up for a creative workshop, or curate your own workshop or spa. Invite your mom, your sister, a friend — or everyone!

If you live in Minneapolis, and are looking to get out of the house, I’d highly recommend these spots:

Yoga Retreat Series - Yoga Nidra, Breath Exercises, Intro to Yoga

Women’s Woodshop - Spoon Carving, Intro to Bowl Turning, Power Tools 101

Aradia Wellbeing - Uplifting Your Divine Feminine Energy

Winsome Goods - Intro to Sewing, Pattern Making

3. Host a game day.

Maybe it’s actually playing football in the yard, spending a few hours playing cards while eating left-over apple pie, or playing a good ‘ole fashioned board game - or learning something new. Games are a great way to bring people together. Especially, when you keep your competitive spirit in check, that’s why I’m a huge fan of co-operative board games.

alternatives to black friday

4. GEt crafty.

Scan Pinterest for fun craft ideas. You might make a eucalyptus wreath for your front door, bake cookies to freeze for later, or try making origami ornaments. Spending time doing something with friends and family is much more rewarding experience than waiting in line.

alternatives to black friday

5. Go thru old family photos & videos.

Pull out those old VHS’s and photo albums and enjoy re-living all those old birthdays, trips, and holidays. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you might even make a new photo album of all your favorites and give them out as your Christmas presents.

Blue Friday

6. Join a neighborhood clean-up. 

United By Blue is hosting their third annual Blue Friday, a nationwide DIY cleanup initiative, where you gather a group of family and friends and spend one hour picking up trash in a local park.

(Bonus: Spending time outside is a great way to boost your immunity, calm your nerves, and get a little exercise too!)

Want to join? Snag a DIY Cleanup Kit, and find a park or waterway in need. It's that easy!

7. Declutter your Christmas Decorations.

Or any other space that you’ve been wanting to tackle. Jam some tunes, warm-up some cider and start with an easy win. I suggest places you use everyday, like your car, your closet, your bathroom, or a kitchen cabinet. You’ll feel so energized by actually tackling items on your to-do list, that I bet it will be hard to stop. Just remember to focus on progress, not perfection.

alternatives to black friday

8. clear your closet.

If you haven’t tried a capsule wardrobe challenge, this might finally be the season to do it. When clients go thru their closets, they’re always amazed at how choosing to own less (or keep fewer items in their closet) makes life so much easier.

Spend a little time thinking about your lifestyle, what you actually love to wear, and give yourself an hour or two to clear out your closet. I’d also suggest reading these posts.